I don’t really know exactly when my anxiety started, I cannot pin point a specific day, I just know what triggers it. My anxiety is balanced through health and fitness, but is also driven by the fear of being unhealthy, ironic?

Quite often I am asked, “Why do you care so much about working out?” “Why do you have to be so picky about what you eat?” To all my friends, I know I put my workouts before you all, I am sorry (not really, it keeps me calm). To my family, boyfriend, and friends I am sorry I am picky at parties or dinners, and can never share dishes.

I will always put a workout before hanging out with someone, that might sound a little harsh, but  let me explain this more before you judge. Working out is therapeutic to me, I could go into the gym frustrated, or annoyed with my day, and leave feeling happy and ready to hit restart. Most importantly working out helps me focus. I was never a 95 or higher student in high school, and that was really hard because of where I attended school (shout out Nardin Academy). Nardin was great for so many reasons; however, there was a lot of pressure that ensued while going there. When I was in high school I felt like my life was a mess there was nothing I could really control other than what I ate, and how much I worked out. I found myself working out before and after school, and my grades went up tremendously (would not necessarily recommend this, now I do yoga in the morning before work and workout after work). In college I would go to the gym to stay up in the middle of the night before an exam and review my notes while riding the bike, I would always score above a 90. Bottom line by putting my energy into my workouts I was able to focus more academically when it came to sitting in a class room for extended amounts of time.

Next, I will never let someone guilt me into eating something that I do not want to eat. Yes everyone I know it is weird that I do not eat pizza. It is not because I do not like pizza, obviously pizza is really yummy, but as I like to say, pizza does not like me. I get extremely sick. I am not evil because I do not like ice cream, ice cream makes me extremely bloated. Ever since I was younger my stomach has been sensitive, for lord’s sake my parents had to buy extremely expensive special formula for me when I was baby. I am in the process of being tested for many different things to try and pinpoint exactly what is wrong with my gastro intestinal issues, but as of right now I am dairy free, and might have to go gluten free as well.

But why is my anxiety driven by the fear of being unhealthy? Well, unfortunately many people in my family have health issues. On my dad’s side of the family every single one of my grandparents, great aunts, great uncles, and even my aunt have passed away because of cancer. On my mom’s side diabetes, high blood pressure/ cholesterol, and strokes run in the family. As a 22 year old girl who has not seen nearly 3/4 of the world that terrifies me. I want to live my life to the fullest before I even have to think about slowing down. I would never call myself a hypochondriac; however, I do believe in many preventative health measures.

  1. Alkaline Water or 9.5 Water: I had no clue this even existed until I started dating my boyfriend. Then I found out that this was extremely popular due to the fact that alkaline water prevents cancer cells from growing in it. My boyfriends family stands by this they cook with it, you can do the laundry with it, drink it all day long, and brush your teeth with it. The water also balances out the pH levels in your body.
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar: So many people know about this; however, so many people do not practice it. This is super simple I put in warm water every morning and evening. It is great for speeding up the metabolism, and lowering the heart rate.
  3. Liquid Amino Acids: Asian cuisine is my absolute favorite, and I am constantly adding soy sauce. Although their is very little calories in soy sauce there is also no nutritional value. By adding liquid amino acids, you are getting  the same flavor but adding antioxidants to your diet.
  4. Ashwagandha: Natural stress reliever. I find myself holding onto a lot of emotions that I cannot even control which in the past has led to chest pains (high blood pressure), as well as unnecessary weight gain.
  5. Probiotics: To aide in digestion. My digestive system is something that I have struggled for the longest time as mentioned before. I do not want to give too much TMI so I won’t go into too much detail but I have found that take a daily probiotic has made my digestive system a little more regular.

These are just 5 things I do on a daily basis to manage my health that you can easily do as well. There are so many fruits and veggies that are known for cancer prevention that I will share with you as well but for now I think this is a good start for someone that is trying to live a healthier lifestyle in 2018. All of the recipes I share are meant to be healthy but also taste good too. I believe that you should be able to live a healthy life but also be satisfied.

Until next time.



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